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Pet Day

On pet day there was a pet parade on the field. I saw a pug, a chihuahua, a bulldog and a pig. My favourite animal was the chihuahua because it was cool and cute. 
A big dog 

scratched me in the eye. I went to feed the dog and I accidentally dropped the treat, I was about to pick it up when the dog scratched me in the eye.

Mr Twit

WALT: Describe Mr Twit and Mrs Twit's Attributes.

Mr Twit is annoying. He has a hairy beard full of food. He likes to play tricks on his wife Mrs Twit. Mr Twit made Mrs Twit shrink and he tried to send her to the moon with eighteen balloons tied to her. 
Mr Twit is ignorant, he hates children and is a disgusting man.D