Reading Goal: Understand and organise, or order texts

Term 2 Writing


WALT write 'a moment in time' piece of writing. 

New York is Falling                      
I saw lots of carnage. There was cars flying through the air like rockets. There were buildings falling to the ground.        
I heard screaming coming from the buildings as they bashed to the ground.  
I felt terrified for the people who were losing their buildings, homes and contents.
I wondered will I make it out alive?

New York is Falling - Quick Write


New York is Falling Quick Write

I saw…lots of carnage.

I heard… screaming and bashing.  

I felt…terrified.

I wondered…will I make it out alive.

Multicultural Week

This week I have participated actively in a range of learning experience around ‘Multicultural week’

WHAT: I was involved in a range of learning experiences for Multicultural week. I did lots of stuff and fun activities.

I learnt to use the chopsticks .
I enjoyed everything.
I was most fascinated by everything because it was really nice to learn about different cultures.
A question I have is how many people live in China.

Integrated learning

Woodend Camp


When we went to camp I was in the 1st bus. I was sitting with Yarek on the way there. My favourite activity was Mini Golf I enjoyed this because I got a hole in one. I was in a bunk room with lots of my friends. But someone kept me awake all night.

This is me playing Mini Golf!